Harry Styles
The singer's hair has been donated to a charity that makes wigs for children suffering from cancer Jason Merritt/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Harry Styles's haircut led to a social media outcry on 6 May when he chopped off his signature locks and teased fans with a snap of his cut ponytail on Instagram. As the One Direction singer was synonymous with his hairstyle, fans could not handle his "short for the summer" style. However, what they were awaiting more eagerly for was the first look of the 22-year-old singer sans long hair.

The One Direction heartthrob was seen with his new hairstyle on the streets of London, while greeting fans. Although he sported a black cap that covered most of his head, fans were happy to get a glimpse of the singer. In stark contrast to his previous rockstar hairstyle, Styles effortlessly carried off the short crop in a dark grey t-shirt.

The reason behind the new look was Styles's generosity. He donated his mane to the Little Princess Trust that makes wigs for children suffering from cancer. Nonetheless, one person was extremely happy with his decision, her mother. A source told Hollywood Life, "He was actually getting a little bored of it anyway, and Anne (his mother) was teasing him about cutting off his pony-tail for a while, saying it looked cheesy."

With his signature hair gone, the One Directioner also hopes to be more anonymous when he is in public. "He's even joked with pals now that he's got a chance to be more anonymous when he goes out because he won't get recognized with shorter hair," a source said.