Hart of Dixie season 4 premiered last month and a new report claims that this could be the show's last season.

Zap2it's TV by the numbers gave the show two hearts, which implies that the show was saved for a fourth season, however, the network is not going to save it for season 5.

"With just 10 episodes, squeezed in where they'll do the least damage to the CW schedule (Premiere in mid-December! Second episode 3 weeks later!) it's likely this season will be the show's last and the Cancellation Bear will be dining on it. Hart Of Dixie is likely to be canceled," said the report.

According to the network, the total viewership of the season 4 premiere of Hart Of Dixie rose to 13%(1.197 million) over last season's premiere.

Previously, Scott Porter (who plays George Tucker) shot down rumours that the series is going off the air. But he did urge fans to support the show.

He told Yahoo! TV, "We aren't canceled. We haven't gotten a phone call from anybody at the network. But, if this was the end, then I think we all wanted to just pay it its proper due. I would love to come back and be a part of Bluebell again - and there's a chance - but we really need the support of the fans to be able to come back. If people don't watch, then shows don't come back, so we just need a little help.

"The reason we only shot 10 episodes is really because Rachel Bilson is going to have her first little baby, and there's no Hart of Dixie without the Hart," explained the actor.

However, Wilson Bethel who plays the charming Wade Kinsella on the show, is not optimistic about its future.

Bethel explained, "If this is the final season of Hart of Dixie, the show is left in a really good place... It's really satisfying and I think that's part of the reason the cast were feeling like this could be the end."

"It was just like, oh my God, if this is over, then I'm saying goodbye to this friend of mine, this guy who I really adore," he concluded.

The show returns this Friday, 16 January at 8pm CT on The CW.