Hatred game
Destructive Creations

Footage from upcoming video game release Hatred reveals how dark and violent video games can be.

The lunatic killer, who the player controls, is on a "genocide crusade."

In the game's trailer, spliced over horrific murders and terrorist incidents, he says: "This is the time for vengeance and nobody is worth saving. It is time for me to kill and time for me to die."

Polish game developer Destructive Creations warns not to "try this at home" nor to "take it too seriously, it's just a game :)"

The game is conceived as a remedy to the "polite, colourful, politically correct" games in the market, "something against trends," GameSpot reported.

Hatred "takes no prisoners and makes no excuses," with the studio claiming it does not shy away from the horror of killing.

The video game community, notoriously desensitized to violence, has responded with unusual shock and outrage.

The game will be a PC-exclusive release, according to a comment given to GameSpot.

The studio said: "We really plan to release this game publicly and for PC only. We're too small a team to develop it on any other platform at the moment.

"We really wish to release a digital version through Steam and GoG, but actually we have no idea if they will let us to do this, because of all the [controversy] the game is delivery.

We really would like to find a publisher for retail version, but it might be hard for the same reason."