Just when it was assumed that the future of the upcoming Batman film is uncertain, Ben Affleck has assured his fans that the film is definitely in the pipeline. While rumours say that the actor is uncertain about directing the highly anticipated film, he has revealed that it is not direction but acting which is bothering him the most.

The 44-year-old American actor is in fact worried about his batsuit, which might be uncomfortable considering his multi-tasking duties on the set. "I know what's it's like to be in the suit," Affleck told USA Today.

The Justice League actor said: "We'll have to modify the suit to make it a little bit easier to put on and take off. When you are in it, you can be sweating, crazy and exhausted, do your part and walk away. But when you're a director, you can't walk away. You have to be there for everybody."

The current costume for the Gotham superhero appears heavily geared and if Affleck's words are to be believed, there will be a batsuit makeover. "Chief among the challenges of doing Batman, will be finding a suit that's more comfortable," he added.

The actor's recent release Live By Night has struggled to taste success and it appears he is giving his best to the script of the highly awaited film, which he believe will put him in tremendous fan pressure.

"Superhero movies get the level of attention that is nothing like any film I've done. You cast the 14th lead in these movies and the Internet goes crazy," he told Variety last month and added that: "I understand and embrace that. That's part of the pressure that comes with doing it. That's why I am not going to do it, unless I really feel confident about it. But when that day comes, should that day come, I'm sure that's going to be the most pressure, the most stress I have ever experienced in my professional life."

The Oscar-winning actor's interview with the Guardian has initially clouded the future of the solo movie as the actor said that "If it [script] doesn't come together in a way I think is really great, I'm not going to do it".

The DC superhero movie, Batman, also stars Joe Manganiello as the villainous Deathstroke. It is yet to receive a release date, but before that Affleck will play the caped superhero in Justice League part I which is scheduled to hit the theatres on 17 November 2017.