Dua Lipa has reportedly turned down Harry Styles' advances. She felt the One Direction heartthrob wasn't for her as there was no "spark" between them.

According to The Daily Star, Styles' efforts to ignite a relationship with the songstress came to a halt as she "seemed able to resist his charms".

"Harry really pursued Dua and was very keen to get her out on a date. They had been friends for a while when Dua was in a relationship with her ex," a source told the news website.

"Fans always speculated they were a couple but Dua was totally devoted to her then boyfriend Isaac. But once she became single it became very obvious Harry was interested in seeing if they could be more – and she was definitely intrigued and willing to give it a go."

Styles and Lipa were first linked to each other after they were spotted together in London before Christmas last year and "they finally went out in London just before Dunkirk came out" after flirting via text for months.

"They had a nice time but Dua decided there wasn't a spark and seemed able to resist his charms."

The report goes on to say that the pair could remain friends even though advances from Styles were snubbed by Dua, who is "completely infatuated" with LANY frontman Paul Klein.

"It seems like they'll still be able to stay friends and Dua even went to the London Dunkirk premiere. In the last few weeks she's been completely infatuated with Paul, who she says is nothing like Harry, and is keen to see how things to go there."

Earlier this year, Lipa insisted that she and Styles were just friends.

"He's a friend of mine. We've been friends for a while and we were just catching up. We just went, believe it or not, to a little risotto ball restaurant, and just hung out and caught up," she told The Sun.

"My heart is set on someone else. He's a chef and a model. The man can cook – he's really good."