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How to fix memory leak issues on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Reuters

Samsung has already acknowledged the RAM management issue, otherwise known as the memory leak issue, plaguing the Galaxy S6 series.

Do not worry if your brand new Galaxy S6 is beset with the issue. There is a fix available, albeit an unofficial one. Senior XDA member mrapp, has discovered a way out using which you can deal with the annoying memory leak issue.

This method involves tweaking the build.prop lines under DHA. Although, this sounds simple, it is actually not, as introducing even a slight error while editing the build.prop could cause damage to your device and throw up bootloop issues.

However, those who have used the method have reportedly noticed a significant improvement in performance. All you need is root access on your phone. There is a step-by-step guide below detailing how to manually fix the memory leak issue.

But if you are not comfortable about editing the build.props, refrain from jumping directly to the tutorial. Do not forget to create backup of all important data of the phone.

Neither the developer nor IBTimes UK can be held liable for any damage to the device.

How to fix memory leak issue on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Step-1: You should have a rooted Galaxy S6/S6 Edge

Step-2: Download ES File Explorer

Step-3: Open the app and swipe from left to right, to get options menu

Step-4: Click on the Root button, which you can find under the Tool section. Then click OK to provide root access

Step-5: Go to the root folder of your phone and then to System folder

Step-6: You should find a build.prop file there. Just copy it to a folder in the internal or, external storage of your phone, or to your PC

Step-7: Edit the build.prop file

Step-8: Tap on the build.prop file then select ES Note Editor to open the file

Step-9: Tap on the three-dot button at the top right and select Edit. Ensure the editing you do is error-free as even a mistake of one character might create bootloop errors

Step-10: Find the following line and change its value as mentioned


Step-11: Change the value of this line as well. (For Note 4 you might have to insert this as a new line.)


Step-12: Now add these four lines next to the above line (empty_max)





Step-13: Remove the duplicate entries of the above four lines. (You need to remove them as we already have the values. Simply add a hash tag (#) sign before the line to disable it

Step-14: Change LMK value on its line


Step-15: Double check everything. Tap on the back arrow button in the top left, then on Yes button to save

Step-16: Tap on the back button again to return to the System folder

Step-17: Long press on the build.prop, then three-dot menu in the bottom right, then select properties and tap on the changes button besides Permissions. Select all three rows for Read column. Leave all the check boxes blank

Step-18: Tap OK, then the back button twice to reach the System folder. Exit the app

Step-19: Finally reboot your phone to apply the changes

If you have edited the build.prop correctly, your phone should reboot and you should notice a significant improvement.

If you run into any trouble, head over to the XDA development thread.

Source: AndroidSoul