How To Get Away With Murder season 2
Viola Davis as Annalise Keating in How To Get Away With Murder season 2 ABC

How To Get Away With Murder returns with another thrilling chapter this Thursday, 3 March at 10pm ET on ABC. Episode 13 is titled, Something Bad Happened, where fans will finally learn if Wes Gibbins was the one who killed his mother Rose.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

Annalise moves forward with a plan to protect the team from Philip but the risk involved may prove to be too dangerous. Meanwhile, Wes continues to search for new information regarding his mother's death. In flashback, the Mahoney case takes a drastic turn for Annalise's client on How To Get Away With Murder.

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In the previous episode, Laurel and Wes flew to Ohio to look into his mother's case file, where she discovered that Wes may have killed his mother. Executive producer Pete Nowalk told Entertainment Weekly: "Wes has always appeared to be the show's puppy, but he's clearly shown he's not so innocent. So maybe being a killer has always been in his DNA. We all suppress childhood memories, especially the more traumatic ones."

A new promo for the episode opens with Wes saying, "I remember standing over her, holding the knife." Laurel asks Ananlise, "Did Wes kill his mother?" Then the scene flashes back to Rose's dead body as we see Annalise running away from the crime scene. "The mystery of his mother's death will be solved", declares the voice-over.

Tune into ABC at 10pm tonight to catch a thrilling HTGAWM episode.