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Voila Davis as Annalise Keating and Charlie Weber as Frank in How To Get Away With Murder ABC

How to Get Away With Murder returns with season 2 on 24 September, at 10pm ET on ABC.

In the two-hour season 1 finale we saw that Frank was Annalise's hitman and that he was ordered by Sam Keating to kill Lila Stangard. But the biggest shocker came in the final moments, when Rebecca was killed and no one knows who's the murderer. This could well be the plotline of the upcoming season.

However, the question of who is actually Rebecca's murderer still remains. There are several characters who could be suspects, including Annalise herself. Although she plays the lead character on the show, she is clearly a flawed protagonist. Also, the only people who are aware of Rebecca's murder are Frank and Annalise, which hints that one of them could be involved in it.

As the season 1 finale was coming to an end, we saw Annalise going down to the basement, where she had a quick conversation with Frank. Basically, they both had said that they thought the other one "did it". Then, Rebecca's body was shown under the basement stairs.

Voila Davis who plays Annalise has talked about her character's conversation with Frank over Rebecca's body, and spoke about "whether or not she killed her".

" the end of the day, I don't trust Frank. It's a path I created for Annalise because of her past, which involves sexual abuse, but I don't think she has much trust in anyone. I think she wants to desperately but doesn't," Davis told The Hollywood Reporter.

Some fans claim that Frank is the obvious choice, especially since he turned out to be the real killer of Lila Stangard. But keeping up with the show's mystery quotient, Frank is the least likely choice, because it would be too obvious then.

HTGAWM finale
Wes Gibbins and Rebecca in How To Get Away With Murder ABC

Meanwhile, Wes Gibbins could be the one who killed Rebecca, as he was super emotional at the end of the season 1 finale. Gibbins could have been convinced that Rebecca killed Lila and got infuriated and killed his girlfriend. Or the entire thing could have been orchestrated by Annalise, just like she did with Sam Keating's murder.

There's no denying that Annalise has the intellectual capacity to have Rebecca murdered, and can even get away with it.

Here is what we know about season 2 so far. Warning: Potential spoilers ahead, proceed at your own risk.

1. Why Frank killed for Sam will be revealed

The finale also revealed that Frank killed Lila after Sam Keating ordered him to do so, as he owed Sam one. Fans are curious as to why Frank owed Sam such a big favour, and according to series creator Pete Nowalk the reason will be revealed in season 2.

" Yes, for sure," said Nowalk to Entertainment Weekly when asked if that mystery will be revealed. "That is a very big favor, and we would be mistaken not to answer that question for the audience."

2. More flashback scenes

"There's no rules to our show, which is great," Nowalk told The Hollywood Reporter. "We can flash back, we can flash forward, we can just tell a story linearly. I want to keep it fresh."

3.The Eggs 911 message

While Rebecca was under house arrest, she managed to send out an "Eggs 911" message to an unknown recipient. And given the fact that she is dead, this message could play a big role in the season 2 storyline.

The recipient of the "Eggs 911" text could possibly be the killer, as he/she feared that Rebecca could reveal some dark secrets.

4. A new character's entry

Nowalk was careful not to spoil too much but did add one final tease for the show's second season: "We'll meet a new character that figures prominently into Annalise's life."

5. Connor and Oliver's relationship

Connor and Oliver's relationship started with casual sex, but quickly grew into one of the most talked about stories on the show. However, their was twist in the finale of season 1, where it was revealed that Oliver has tested positive for HIV, but Connor was negative.

Oliver then tells Connor that he should not be with him anymore and should find someone in better health. Will Connor stand by Oliver or move on, is another mystery that will unfold in season

Nowalk teased, "Oliver and Connor are very important to me and they have a huge fan base. Their relationship will play a big part in season two."

Who do you think killed Rebecca? Wes, Annalise or Frank? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.