The most common way of amassing more Rupees, the Legend of Zelda series' chosen form of currency, is one of the many, many huge changes made to the franchise's established formula in Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

Where in previous Zelda games multicoloured Rupees (each worth different values) were a common reward for basic tasks like slaying a monster or slashing a patch of foliage, Breath of the Wild turns gathering a small fortune into a far greater task.

To collect Rupees for buying outfits, armour, accessories and food ingredients (and in one side-quest an actual house), Link must now seek out hidden chests and breakable barrels or sell items – with rare gemstones fetching a pretty penny with town shopkeepers and roaming traders throughout Breath of the Wild's huge open world.

High-value Rupees are still quite uncommon however, but thanks to a mini-game there is a quick and easy way to nab infinite money, as long as you know where to find it. The mini-game we are referring to is Cloyne's game of chance in Lurelin Village.

To get here, head South West from Hateno Village (which you visit in an early story quest). The coastal village of Lurelin is located South of Mount Dunsel and East of Tuft Mountain and joins together Gogobi Shores and Korne Beach. At the end of the path marked on your map that leads to the village is a hut with a Rupee cluster above the door.

Before you talk to Cloyne, manually save your game via the System menu. Talk to Cloyne and choose to bet 100 Rupees (if you don't have enough you can do this trick with lower bets too). This gambling mini-game asks you to pick one of three chests, with one chest containing a grand prize of a whopping 300 Rupees. Alternatively, you could become a victim of lady luck and walk away with a single Rupee.

The trick here is to reload your game after every failed attempt at nabbing the top prize and saving after each big win. Using this method you will keep your entry fee if you lose out and quickly bag a hefty payday.

There are other ways to farm Rupees in Breath of the Wild, such as repeating the Gut Check Challenge near the Gorae Torr Shrine with a few helpful tips from Reddit, but the Cloyne's shop method (also shown in the video below by BeardBear) offers a much simpler way of filling your coffers.

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