Users of Xbox One, currently streaming favourite games to Microsoft's latest Windows 10 operating system, can now unlock a hidden "very high" quality setting in the Xbox app that provides for quality streaming a notch above the current game streaming level.

According to a Reddit Xbox tipster, Xbox One (and Windows 10) users can unlock the "very high" setting in simple steps. As of now, users have three gaming streaming quality choices: low, medium and high.

How to unlock "very high" streaming setting

  • In your Windows 10 PC, navigate (assuming Windows 10 is installed in the C: drive) to C:Users%USERNAME%AppDataLocalPackages . You can also copy this path and paste it directly into Windows Explorer.
  • Find folder starting with "Microsoft.XboxApp".
  • Open "userconsoledata' file using any text editor such as Windows Notepad.
  • Set the "IsInternalPreview' variable to "true", from "false".
  • Save and close this file.
  • Launch Xbox app on your Windows PC, navigate to Settings and verify presence of the new "Very High" quality option.

However, a Eurogamer report states that enabling the above setting increases bandwidth utilisation, but offers high performance. Users on Reddit have also stated that the "very high" quality setting is directly dependent on the quality of the game currently being played.