HTC 10
HTC teases 'world-first' camera capabilities on the front and back of its upcoming flagship smartphone. Getty Images

As much as the HTC One M10 tries to remain elusive – at least in an official capacity – the internet remains inundated with leaked images of the upcoming flagship phone, to the extent that we've now got a pretty clear idea of what it will look like and potentially what tech it will be packing.

Despite this, HTC is still trying to keep the mystery alive through a series of cryptic tweets. The company gave us our first "official" glimpse of the HTC One M10 in February and now, it has taken to Twitter once more to get people talking about the potential Galaxy S7 killer.

As before, HTC has provided just enough to pique our interest. The image in the tweet shows off two camera lenses, with a caption below reading: "World First, World Class, Front and Back. You'll see". It seems unlikely that HTC is alluding to a device with dual cameras given the fact that this has been done before. Some have speculated that the HTC One M10 might have dual-optical image stabilisation sensors, or that the device may be able to capture 360-degree video by employing both front and rear cameras. The latter would certainly give the M10 a weighty USP, which will be needed to contend with the elegance of the Galaxy S7 Edge and the modular insanity that is the LG G5.

But we just won't know until HTC pulls back the curtain on its new flagship, rumoured to be on 19 April, when we'll also find out whether any of the other rumours swirling around the HTC One M10 hold water.