Nexus 5
HTC One M8 Sense 6.0 ported into Nexus 5

HTC's newly launched flagship smartphone, HTC One M8 features the all-new Sense UI 6, which is completely redesigned with a cleaner and more striking visual style.

The Sense 6 features bold, customisable colour themes and delivers a more intuitive, personalised user experience.

HTC America president, Jason Miller recently confirmed the Sense 6 will be available for HTC One M7 users by the end of May.

What about Sense 6 on a non-HTC device? Surprisingly, this is possible. No sooner the new Sense version is launched, it has made its way for other device. Thanks to the Android developer community, the Sense 6, which is exclusive to HTC One M8 is now available for Google's fifth generation Nexus branding smartphone.

Nexus 5
HTC Sense 6 running on Google Nexus 5

GalaxyUser, a recognised XDA contributor, has successfully ported Sense 6 from HTC One M8 into the Nexus 5. Besides, the developer has shared the Sense 6 ROM file for the Nexus 5. As the build is in its alpha stage, it is partially functional and few of the features are not working in this port.





Internal SDCard



Sensors (Light/Orientation/Proximity)




Sensors (Accelerometer/Gyroscope/Magnetic)

GPS (Because of sensors)


Wi-Fi hotspot

Head over to the development thread to know more about the Sense 6 ROM.

Nexus 5 users may follow easy instructions guide below to install the Sense 6 on their devices.

IBTimes UK reminds its readers that it will not be held liable for any damage to the device.

How to install Sense 6 on Nexus 5

Step-1: Download Sense 6 ROM for Nexus 5

Download links- 1/ 2 /3 / 4 / 5 [File name:]

Step-2: Connect the Nexus 5 to the computer. Then copy the Sense 6 ROM file to the internal storage of the phone

Step-3: Reboot the phone into recovery

Step-4: Perform a Nandroid backup of the current phone set up

Step-5: Perform a Factory Reset. Select wipe data/factory reset and confirm the action

Step-6: In recovery mode select install zip from sdcard then select choose zip from sdcard, then navigate to the Sense 6 ROM. Select it and confirm installation

Step-7: When the installation process is completed reboot the phone by selecting reboot system now to boot the phone into normal mode

Note: If the ROM does not boot after 10 minutes, try to reboot. If the ROM does not boot again, go to recovery, wipe all and flash the ROM again.

When the Nexus 5 boots up, it should be running Sense 6 from HTC One M8.

[Source: XDA]