Iggy Azalea has once again sparked controversy with her latest photos on Instagram that feature the rapper's svelte figure. The picture shared by the Australian singer on the popular picture-sharing site shows off her slender waist and an apparently enhanced bottom. As the questionable pictures led to a fan-cry on social media, the singer herself responded to the butt implant rumour.

Azalea was asked by a member of MTV Wild N' Out's Platinum Team during the upcoming Thursday, August 11 episode if her bottom was real.

"I just want to say I think you're real beautiful," he said adding, "Myself, my castmates, and every dude in here would really like to know how much of that booty is really real."

After a moment of contemplation, the Black Widow hitmaker shot back saying, "Y'all wanna know? These guys over here? I'm gonna put you up on game: It's real in your hands, but y'all don't need to be worrying about booty that's above your weight class."

Although the Sydney-born singer shut up the gossip-mongers with one classic response, the same cannot be said for the hundreds of comments on her Instagram pictures questioning the authenticity of her pictures as well as her bottom.

"I feel like this picture has been touched, wish iggy would be full on realistic and not photoshop her body, she's so naturally beautiful like girl you don't need no photoshop be you," a fan was quoted as saying. While other eagle-eyed users noted major Photoshop fails. "The arm on the left, resting on her thigh. It looks deformed. It's been photoshopped for sure. Pulling in the waist warped the arm," the user wrote.


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However, some devoted followers came to the 26-year-old singer's rescue and wrote, "She's admitted to having plastic surgery on her face so why would she lie about her b**t...? She wouldn't....look up her old pics it's still the same.size it's always been."

Finding a way to wear fur in summer. 😝

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Fake bottom or not, the singer has indeed been vocal about getting surgeries done in the past. "I think it's a personal choice and anybody, man or woman, they should be able to make an informed decision. And if you want to change something, then that's up to you," she told Ellen DeGeneres in April.