Lady C went too far this time. The jungle aristocrat launched into an unforgivable tirade of verbal abuse at singer Tony Hadley. Her latest spat followed what had been a relatively peaceful night in camp after George Shelly returned triumphant from his bushtucker trial, winning 10 out of 11 stars and a veritable banquet for his fellow celebs.

With the campmates gathered around a fire after a satisfying meal, it was the calm before the storm, as Lady C found an opportunity to disturb the peace. Taking in the beauty of the jungle setting, Tony took a moment to marvel at a beetle as he basked in the wonder of the natural world around them. Almost immediately, Lady C came forward to remove the bug, throwing it straight into the fire.

Describing it as an act of unnecessary cruelty Tony took her to task, and faced a vicious onslaught in return. "Don't put it on there. That's evil. It's cruel. You shouldn't do it," he said, calmly expressing his sense of outrage at the callous act. "I'm pulling you up because you put a beautiful beetle on the fire. That's not right ... The problem with you is nobody has put you in your place."

Spewing vitriol at the Spandau Ballet singer, Lady C said: "I don't need any input from you. You are a hypocritical pretentious a******e. I've had enough of you. It's none of your f*****g business, a******e." She continued: "You're a chippy oik with a mouth of diarrhoea. My opinion of you is that you are the lowest of the low, a bore. Let me tell you something, boy, you are of no significance to me. You're so used to creeps and dollybirds, tarts. You don't even have a good voice. I don't want to speak to you," she said.

While Tony defended himself, he managed to retain his composure, conducting himself with dignity in the face of Lady C's venom. "Good," he said. "Don't speak to me."

Vicky Pattison, the unofficial camp peacemaker, stepped in to diffuse the argument.

It was an outburst that was too much to bear even for Keiron Dyer, who had till now stuck up for the 66-year-old, but even he agreed, her conduct was indefensible. "I'm her biggest fan, but I know what's right and what's wrong, and that was bang out of order. I've been defending her day and night, but even I can't keep defending her after that," he said.

The other campmates also took to the Bush Telegraph to share their disappointment after Lady C's latest outburst, with Vicky saying: "I don't agree with what Lady C was saying ... she didn't conduct herself well."

"I think once she started to hit below the belt someone he had to step in and break it up," said Brian.

On Twitter too, her behaviour left viewers outraged. "Lady C is nothing but a bully and her antics should be stopped @imacelebrity @antanddec poor Tony noone deserves to be spoken to like that," said one angry viewer.

"I have made a complaint to @itv about the bullying by #LadyC in @imacelebrity and I hope others do the same. #ImACeleb," said another.

Lady C has been a source of contention in the camp since the outset, as she appeared to pick fights with everyone. Brian Friedman, Duncan Bannatyne and Tony Hadley in particular have been unwitting targets for her acerbic tongue, while she has patronised younger members of the camp, demanded preferential treatment by virtue of her apparently aristocratic status and refused to take part in bushtucker trials, seemingly to spite her fellow campmates.

While her eccentricities and outspoken nature had initially seemed entertaining, Lady C is rapidly losing favour with the public, as she proves, that in fact, she's no lady at all.

Tony Hadley said it best. "If you were any kind of a lady you wouldn't have a tongue on you like that." So very true.