Indian Politician Scares Voters
Jogi's shocking comments have scared voters from choosing the opposition party (Reuters)

A politician in India's largest party has scared voters into choosing his candidates by warning them that electronic voting machines (EVMs) will give them electric shocks if they press other buttons, according to rivals.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), India's second largest party, has filed a complaint against senior Congress Party leader Ajit Jogi for the alleged deception of tribal voters.

Jogi's alleged comments about the electric shocks were related to the forthcoming vote for the Kunkuri Assembly, which enters its final phase on 19 November.

"BJP in its complaint stated that while addressing people, Jogi asked them to press the button bearing 'Punja Chhap' - the Congress symbol of hand - on EVMs" District Election Officer LS Ken told PTI news agency.

"He told them that they will receive an electric shock if they press buttons next to other symbols on EVMs except that of Congress."

Election officials say Jogi was speaking to a public meeting in the Kunkuri constituency, part of the Jashpur district, on 11 November when he made the comments.

Ken went further, saying that a notice has been sent to Jogi after verifying the video of his comments.

He added that voters are now nervous about using the voting machines for fear of an electric shock.

Any further course of action against Jogi would depend on his response, Ken said.