Doom Selfies
Two of the example selfies from the Doom mod. iD Software

There aren't many ways to improve Doom, but 22 years on from its release someone has found a way – they've added a selfie stick.

InstaDoom is a mod that gives the genre-defining shooter a modern twist, adding the ability to take pictures of yourself from the gaping maw of hell itself, and add a number of filters to really make the image pop.

The mod includes 37 real photo filters from Instagram, including Mayfair, Inkwell, Rise and Valenica. There are also a number of poses for Doomguy (that's the game's un-christened protagonist by the way) to pull when taking his snaps.

Players apply the filter then fight through the game's first level before finding the selfie stick in the room which once housed the chainsaw. The game's most powerful weapon the BFG has also been replaced with one of the narcissticks.

There's even a pixelated recreation of the Instagram user interface, allowing players to utilise the rule of thirds when composing their photos. Somehow we doubt there will be a selfie stick in upcoming sequel Doom 4, but we're sure there will be one modded in once the game is eventually released.

You can see some examples of the mod in action below...

Doom Instagram Filters
Some examples of the Doom Instagram filters in action. iD Software
Doom Instagram Filters
The Doom Instagram UI. iD Software

You can download the mod for free here.