Argi World of Warcraft Goat Pet
Argi the intergalactic travelling goat. Video games are weird. Blizzard

In December 2014, $1.9m (£1.2m) was raised by World of Warcraft players to aid the American Red Cross's efforts in combating Ebola in West Africa.

They raised the money by purchasing an in-game pet, which was put on sale in December with all proceeds that month going to the charity.

This wasn't just any in-game pet though, this was Argi, an adorable space explorer, who also happens to be a goat with enormous blue eyes.

"If you're looking for a companion to jump into your heart and nibble your socks, this little interstellar traveller would love somewhere to call home. She'll light the way with her Naaru-touched horns, climbing, swimming, and running wherever you go," says Argi's product page on the Battle.Net website.

"In December, we announced that for every Argi purchased by December 31, 2014, 100% of the adoption fee would be going to assist in aiding in the fight against this deadly disease – and the community embraced this cute little intergalactic nibbler, helping out a great cause in the process. Thanks again to everyone who helped make a difference," said Blizzard's statement.

Argi can be used by any character on the account which purchased him and is used in pet battles against other pets bought in the game.

The charitable period is over but Argi is still on sale for £9.00.

The worst of the Ebola crisis in West Africa occurred last year but thousands are still suffering, particularly in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Efforts to combat the disease are ongoing.