iOS 8.3 public release
iOS 8.3 users facing issues with Bluetooth GPS receivers iPhone Hacks

Some iOS 8.3 users have been reportedly facing data transmission issues with Bluetooth GPS receivers, wherein a glitch in iOS 8.3 is preventing data from being properly transmitted from the GPS receivers to iOS apps. This is according to a recent report by Apple Insider citing flight navigation software maker, ForeFlight.

iOS 8.3
iOS 8.3 users facing issues with Bluetooth GPS receivers Apple Insider

ForeFlight clarifies that only a select few GPS accessories including Dual GPS 150 and Bad Elf Pro have been affected with this glitch, while other GPS receivers such as Stratus and Bad Elf Pro+ are strangely unaffected.

The company has advised its customers with 4G-enabled iPads to disconnect Bluetooth accessories and instead use a Stratus or iPad's built-in GPS receiver.

As there is no sign of when a patch or update might be rolled out for this issue, ForeFlight has suggested avoiding iOS 8.3 upgrade for those who rely on Bluetooth GPS functionality.

With Apple recently releasing the first developer beta of iOS 8.4, we could just hope that the next update will fix the GPS problems.