New Cydia free and paid jailbreak tweaks. cydiarepo

It has been a very busy weekend for the jailbreak community as the members were trying their untethered jailbreak released by the TaiG team, supporting iOS 8.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.1.1 and iOS 8.2 beta.

Meanwhile, the jailbreak app developers have unleashed a number of tweaks for those who want to customise their jailbroken iOS device. Check out the collection of newly released and as well as updated jailbreak tweaks, courtesy of iDownloadblog. These include both free and paid Cydia tweaks.

New jailbreak tweaks:

AdaptiveCC (Free): It resizes the Control Center and does not take all of the space on your iOS device screen.

AdvancedSettings8 (Free): Tap and hold on the Settings icon to bring Apple's advanced settings. These settings will not be retained on a reboot. You can enable or disable the tweak from the preference panel.

AlwaysFirstSwipe (Free): It brings Notification or Control Centers when first swiping a full screen app.

AppelLocker ($0.99): Using AppelLocker, you can lock apps with your face. Just select the apps you wish to lock in Settings. When you select the app, it will prompt you for your face. You might tap on the screen to dismiss it. If your face is not recognised three times, you might enter a backup password, which locks this tweak's settings.

AppHeads ($4.99): It combines the ChatHead system used by Facebook and iOS applications to create a fresh but comfortable experience.

Automa ($1.99): This tweak makes iOS alerts less annoying by remembering the option selected the first time an alert pops up and automatically re-selecting it when that alert is presented again.

CCfix 8 (Free): It fixes the issue when Control Center sometimes does not open the lock screen. The tweak has been tested on iOS 8.1 running iOS 6 Plus.

Centrum ($0.99): It brings OS X Yosemite Notification Center layout for iPad.

DathUI ($2.5): This tweak will let you customise your UI. You can choose from various options for the LockScreen, Badges, StatusBar and Control Centre. Also, you can choose any type of blur option. For example, Pure Blur is a colourless blur, while Adaptive Blue is the same as Pure Blue, but you can always add a tint to this blur.

Facebook Messenger Essentials (Free): It allows you to tweak a few aspects of the Messenger app.

Instagram No Bar (Free): It removes the Status bar from the Instagram app.

LockStatusClock (Free): This tweak will remove the Notification Center grabber on the lock screen and show the status bar clock in its place. The clock will also be visible on the passcode view. Also, it will make the lock screen status bar the same size as the homescreen status bar.

NoLongPressKeys (Free): It disables long press keyboard actions on the stock keyboard.

noNoSimAlert 8 (Free): Removes No SIM Card Installed Alert. This has been tested on iOS 8.1 with iPhone 6 Plus.

NoPhotosCollections (Free): Removes collections/photos tab from stock Photo app. You can enable or disable this through settings.

Pyx ($0.99): Adds animations to card in the App Switcher.

Safari No Bar Fullscreen (Free): Removes the Status Bar in Safari.

Safe Alarm Pro ($0.99): You can set a custom volume for alarm and more. The features of tweak are custom volume level, custom snooze duration, custom vibration, automatically dismiss alarm after some custom time and auto dismiss action.

STUCalendar (Free): Allows you to set the slide to unlock text as the current date. It supports Gregorian, Persian and Hebrew calendars.

WatchBoard ($3.99): It is a full homescreen replacement, inspired by the Apple Watch icon layout. It is very smooth and contains hundreds of icons.

WiFried (Free): Fixes the Wi-Fi issues on iOS 8.

Updated tweaks

BioLockdown ($2.99): Fingerprint protect access to apps, settings and Control Center switches.

BounceNotify8 (Free): Makes dock icons bounce when there is pending notification.

HandsFree 2 ($0.99): Answers phone and face time calls by waving your hand over the device.

iTouchSecure ($4.99): You can use it to autofill password. You don't have to type in the password. All passwords are stored securely in the local keychain like what Apple does.

Lyricsxplorer (Free): You can change the lyrics of the songs in the music library for any iOS device running iOS 5 up through iOS 8. If the song has no lyrics, you can add new lyrics and change it any time.

NCMemo (Free): This is a Notification Center tweak and can copy/paste. It can change background colour and alpha.

NowListening (Free): Shows a banner notification with information about the song currently playing.

PowerBanners (Free): Changes power alerts into unobtrusive notification banners, such as warning for low battery.

Programmable SMS (Free): Allows you to create, modify and delete Activator actions to send text messages.

Smartwatch+ ($4.99): Enhances the experience of your pebble smartwatch. Also, allows you to display additional information on your watch, such as weather, battery status for iPhone, stock and Bitcoin prices, current GPS location and much more.

Virtual Home 8 ($1.49): uses Touch ID sensor as a Home button replacement.

WinterBoard (Free): Gives graphical overhaul to your iOS device. Allows you to safely and easily apply themes on your iOS device.