Cydia Installer 1.1.23
Top Cydia jailbreak tweaks to check out this holiday. LetsUnlockiPhone

Allarm (Free): Allows you to toggle all your alarms at once.

AnyDrop 3 ($2.49): Compatible with iOS 7 and iOS 8 and requires device with AirDrop capability. It is an all-in-one sharing utility for iOS. Browse through the root file-system and and share any file with other devices using AirDrop. It can be used to share any file from any file from any app that implements Open In feature. It also comes with extensions support.

AppBox 8 ($1.5): A powerful lock screen add-on for iOS 8. It quickly unlocks and goes to any app directly from the lock screen. Enable App Views to activate plugins when specified app icons are held.

Carpe Diem ($0.99): Requires iOS 8 with Reachability feature included or added via third party tweak. It works with all native iOS 8 and third party widgets and WeeLoader plugins. Choose the widget in the settings, disable it by unchecking it.

Change 4G to LTE (Free): Change cellular signal 4G to LTE. This has been tested on iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8.1.2. You can turn the feature on by navigating to the Settings panel.

Disable iOS Swipe Back (Free): Compatible with iOS 7 and iOS 8. Disable the swipe to go back or forward gestures added in the iOS 7. It can choose between all apps or, specific apps.

DisturbMeLater (Free): Dynamically choose how long the Do Not Disturb effect should last. From Control Center, do a long press on the DND toggle. A pop up menu will appear allowing you to select the duration of the DND effect. The DND can be disabled and enabled with a single tap on the DND button. If you manually turn the DND off while a timer is active, it will remove the timer automatically.

DockColor (Free): A simple tweak to change the appearance of the home screen dock. You can change the background colour using a colour picker and the transparency from the preferences of the tweak in the Settings app.

FolderIcons (Free): Compatible with iOS 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. It allows you to set your custom icon for selected folders instead of thumbs, each icon for each folder, also removes folder background, shadow or badge.

FullNC (Free): Increases the lines or words that appear when you receive a notification to 20 lines instead of 4 lines. It works in Lockscreen, Notification Center and when you receive a notification banner.

IAWeatheriPhone6 ($3): Add weather icon and forecast to the lock screen.

iBatteryInfoPro2 ($0.99): Allows you to access useful information about your iDevice battery and cable. It also saves your battery life with programmed actions such as turn off, GPS, Bluetooth, airplane mode or adjust brightness when the battery reaches a percentage point that has been set previously.

InstaHidder (Free): It hides/disables some of the annoying Instagram features. When you enable/disable option you should close the Instagram app from the background.

iOS Terminal (Free): This is a Terminal emulator for iOS.

iRelease (Free): Quickly quits apps running in the background. It requires iOS 8 or, later.

Lat n Long (Free): If your weather widget uses the GPS coordinates from the myLocation.txt file in var/mobile/Documents folder then the Lat n Long is an on-demand way of updating that file. It will not run in the background, so does not update automatically.

LockSmoother+ ($0.99): Makes your lock screen more elegant and light. It contains different customisation options which will give your lock screen a very sleek and neat look. It integrates with other tweaks such as Springtomize3!

MGAnyFile ($1.49): Allows you to upload any file for MEGA app, with a simple file browser to browse the whole file system. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Notifications Tab Remover (Free): It removes the notifications tab from the Notification Center.

One TapClear (Free): Clears notifications from the Notification Center with just a tap.

ReachTheNyanCat (Free): Places an animated NyanCat in your Reachability view. It can also quickly toggle the effect on and off from the tweak's preferences.

ReachWeather (Free): Puts the current weather conditions in your Reachability view. It is compatible with iOS 8.

RoundDock (Free): Rounds the corners of your dock. It is compatible with iOS 7 and iOS 8.

Rubik (Free): It turns off the 3G when locked or, when connected to Wi-Fi. Also, includes a 3G flipswitch to use with the Control Center tweaks. But keep in mind that this tweak can only work if your carrier supports 3G and Edge modes.

SSHLock (Free): It is a command-line tool to lock the device over SSH.

SystemWidePredictiveText (Free): Allows Predictive Text where Apple does not.

Share Widget for iOS 8 (Free): Adds social share icons to Notification Center.

UnlockCounter (Free): This is a Counter, which records how many times you unlock your iPhone, iPod or, iPad each day and shows you the number of times you've unlocked the device every time.

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