Some iPad Pro units are becoming unresponsive after fully charging them as affected users have been flooding complaints on Apple Support forums, MacRumors forums and social media after finding their devices to be frozen or completely unresponsive. There is no word on the root cause of this issue as yet.

However, a discerning iPad Pro user, darkfire.shadows, has suggested a quick hard reset to overcome the problem, while a MacRumor forum member BizzaroClark has also shared similar experiences in his recent comment, which is as follows:

At least twice I have left my iPad Pro plugged in, once over night, and once during work. When I returned to my iPad it appeared frozen. Black screen, screen will not wake. I had to do a hard reset twice to get the thing to work again. After the hard reset the battery was 100%.

A recent report on Apple blog, Mac Kung Fu has indicated that the issue is rather widespread as evident with nearly 5,000 views and 200 comments recorded across Apple Support communities and Reddit forums put together.

The issue has been confirmed across both 32GB and 128GB variants of iPad Pro including both Wi-Fi and LTE models, which are running iOS 9.1. It is unclear if the root cause of this issue is hardware or software-related. However, some users suggest that restoring from an iCloud Backup during setup could trigger such freezing issues.

Apple is yet to comment or provide a permanent fix for this issue, while the Apple Support team has offered a range of quick-fix solutions including hard reset and restoring the device to factory settings via iTunes. To hard reset or force restart the device: hold down the Power and Home buttons together for at least 10 seconds or until an Apple logo appears on the screen.

[Source: MacRumors]