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HTC One M8 vs iPhone 6 Speed Test HTC

Apple's iPhone 6 has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately owing to the bendgate incident, which saw several reports claiming that the new smartphone bent easily when pressure was applied. However, a new test from PhoneArena has compared the iPhone 6 and the HTC One M8 and the results are in Apple's favour.

Method of Testing

The test involved putting both smartphones through 16 apps, 6 stock and 10 third-party ones. The start-up times for each app pair were measured and points were given to the phone that loaded it faster.

Both smartphones were connected to the same, speedy Wi-Fi connection and had the same music and an identical amount of photos loaded on them. Prior to the start of testing, both phones were given a reboot.

The Test

While both phones performed extremely well in the test, Apple's iPhone 6 beat the HTC One in the overall time taken. Both smartphones handled their stock apps quite well, but the iPhone was ahead of the HTC One when it came to many of the third-party apps.

For the exact timings for each app launch, check out this extensive chart from the testers. The entire test video can be viewed below.