Apple iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7 base model may have at least 32GB storage capacity Reuters

Apple's much awaited flagship, the iPhone 7's base model, is slated to come with a 32GB ROM (Read-Only Memory) as opposed to a 16GB ROM generally associated with iPhone base models. A recent report claims Apple has realised the need to bump up the base model storage capacity and from now on all future iPhones will have a minimum of 32GB ROM.

Weibo post on iPhone 7
The post by Kevin Wang on Weibo indicating the expected features from the iPhone 7 Weibo

Kevin Wang, Director of Market Research at IHS Technology in China, posted on Chinese social media site Weibo that the supply chain research suggests that the iPhone 7 will be getting 32GB of internal storage as a minimum and 2GB of RAM along with that. This means the RAM capacity for the base models has also been bumped up to 2GB which is more or less on expected lines.

The internal storage bump-up will be a big relief for iPhone loyalists who often complain of less storage on the 16GB model. An iPhone with a 16GB ROM capacity never gets 16GB as storage space and the average user feedback has shown a storage space between 12 - 12.5 GB being available on the phone without any app downloads, photo storage or music downloads.

Each time a new iOS update crops up from Apple, the file size only gets heavier. The recent iOS 9.3.2 update has been reportedly taking up more than 1GB of space for many users. And Apple plans to unveil the iOS 10 with the iPhone 7 this year which by the looks of iOS updates will most likely touch the 2GB size. This would leave the 16GB model users scouting for space.

Although iCloud storage is available for photos, videos and music, apps can only run on the internal storage of the phone. Moreover, the multimedia storage in iCloud can only be accessed if you have a good Wi-Fi or net connection.

An upgrade seems most likely now that most Android flagships selling in the market also come with a minimum of 32GB ROM. Most importantly, the bump-up will help target those users who have been contemplating shifting to Android due to this issue as they feel at the price of the 16GB iPhone models they could afford a good mid-segment or even flagship Android device.