Sarah Stage
Model Sarah Stage at event (File photo) Getty

Sarah Stage, who is popularly known as the six-pack mom, has revealed her most horrifying weeks of being a mother.

Taking to social media, the 33-year-old fitness model said her two-year-old son James was attacked by a dog. The dog "aggressively" bit her son's face because the little one was eating a snack while the canine was lurking near him, she explained.

While the dog managed to bite James' face, the mother-of-two said she was able to get the mongrel off her son before it could get to his eyes. Without providing any other details on the dog attack, she said things could have turned ugly if it wasn't for her quick thinking. She was later told by doctors that her family was lucky her son didn't lose his vision, she added.

Calling mothers "superhuman" who "can overcome anything", Stage said the incident puts "so much into perspective". Overcoming tough situations like these helps one "grow strength for ourselves and for our family", she said.

She also revealed that James had the flu while her other son, Logan, who is four months old, had a cold.

Shocked fans commented on the post, wishing James a speedy recovery following the dog attack.

"Oh my god..... where was James eating? @sarahstage ? I wish he gets well soon. Lots of love for both the little guys," a fan said, while another added, "Oh! You really had the hard days. God bless everything is fine right now . I can realize your worries."

"I hope Jamesy has a speedy recovery! Sending hugs and kisses his way... Hope baby Logan feels better soon. The flu is terrible this year! Take care," an admirer said, while someone else added, "So sad after listening...Hope Jamesy recover soon and next time you care much about dog and Jamey."