Jane the Virgin finale
Jane will go into labour in Jane The Virgin season 1 finale The CW

Jane The Virgin season 1 finale promises a lot of shocking twists coupled with the birth of Jane's child.

Chapter 22 will serve as the finale which will air on 11 May at 9pm on The CW.

Last week's episode saw Jane planning her baby's arrival, as well as a few touching moments between ex-couple Jane and Michael. Besides, Rafael has a sudden revelation and calls Jane to tell her that he still loves her.

However, Xo, Jane's mother, notices the call, as Jane's phone is in the kitchen while she's out on the porch with Michael, and makes the choice to send the call straight to voicemail.

Jane — never suspecting that Rafael has called — seizes the opportunity to ask Michael if the two are "really" friends, and ends up thinking if she still has feelings for him.

But the question is who will Jane choose — Michael or Rafael? "She's in a relationship in the end, but it might be unexpected who with," executive producer Jennie Urman told Tvline.

The arrival of Jane and Rafael's baby will have "ripple effects on everyone," teases Jennie Urman.

Meanwhile, a certain villain will also play a part in the closer. "You will feel the effects of Sin Rostro," teased the producer, who promises plenty of crazy twists for all the characters.

"There's a bunch of cliffhangers, including two really, really shocking or surprising ones, and then a lot of people in limbo as a result."

A new promo features Jane going into labour, and Michael and Rafael fighting over Jane.

The voice over says, "It wouldn't be Jane The Virgin without a shocking twist."

What could the twist be? Jane delivering twin babies? Or will she finally make a decision about her love life?

To find out we have to watch till the finale episode. Jane The Virgin airs on Mondays on The CW.