It looks like smooth criminal Jeremy Meeks could be going from prison to the runway.

The convicted felon, whose piercing blue eyes and chiselled looks made him an overnight sensation, has reportedly been by signed to LA modelling agency, Blaze Modelz.

According to Fox News, the company believes it can help the 30-year-old turn his life around by helping him earn cash legitimately.

He will be represented by Hollywood talent agent, Gina Rodriguez, a former porn star who has represented the likes of Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham and Donald Sterling associate V. Stiviano.

"Everybody has a story, and I, of all people, know that," she said. 'If this was a different situation, like if someone was actually hurt or there was violence involved, I definitely would not be taking him on.

"But we don't know Jeremy's full story yet, and I don't feel like he got a fair break."

But Meeks, who was arrested alongside four other men in connection with a spate of shootings and robberies in Stockton, California, could have a long wait before he can enjoy his glamourous new career.

The father-of-one remains in the San Joaquin County Jail on $900,000 (£524,000) bail. He is facing charges of illegal gun possession and gang crime.

Meeks' mug shot went viral after Stockton police department posted the snap on their Facebook page. Within hours the image garnered over 80,000 Facebook 'likes' and 20,000 comments.

"Can we be handcuffed together?" one admirer said.

Another said: "Holy hell I would arrest him too...hottest bad boy I've seen."

American Pie's Jason Biggs even admitted crushing on the handsome criminal.

"Look at the jawline! I mean, wowza!" Biggs said before joking: "If I was his victim, and that was the last face I looked at in my life... Could be worse. Could be Charles Manson, or it could be this guy."