The Jewish Agency is planning to settle one in every five French Jews, a total of an estimated 120,000 Jews, over the next four years as a wave of French Jews exodus is set to hit Israel.

Last year, an estimated 7,000 Jews from France moved to Israel, which was a major leap from previous years.

The Jewish People Policy Institute, the Jewish Agency's think tank, is already planning on creating job opportunities to attract the French Jews.

Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky predicts an estimated 15,000 Jews from France to make Aliyah by 2016 – a figure enormously below what the Agency's think tank predicts following the wave of anti-Semitism and radical Islamic militants' attacks across France.

The last major Aliyah was in the 1970s when over 1,000,000 Jews and 300,000 Non-Jewish people moved to Israel from the Soviet Union.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Cabinet on Sunday (25 January): "We must prepare to absorb large-scale immigration to Israel.

"To this end we are working to remove the impediments to [recognising] diplomas and professional degrees in Israel.

"At the same time we will prepare an emergency plan to cancel bureaucracy so as to enable massive construction to absorb the immigrants, just as we did previously to absorb the major immigration from the Soviet Union."

French expatriate Yisca Maimon told the Jewish Press on Sunday (25 January): "The Aliyah movement starts with one friend, and then another friend, and everyone influences one another. Jews in France are very close to one another.

"Yes, there are attacks in synagogues and supermarkets in Israel, but there we have the IDF. We are in our own home.

"Jews in France feel they cannot stay there anymore. They know they have to leave."