Kat Graham has only good things to say about her co-star Ian Somerhalder and BFF Nikki Reed. The Swiss-born American actress thinks that they are a "perfect match". The Vampire Diaries actress opened up about her everlasting friendship with Reed, on the red carpet at the Teen Choice Awards 2016.

"Nikki is amazing, and we are very, very close. You can thank all of my ear piercings, you can thank her. She didn't pierce them, but she's got like crazy ear game, and it's really cute when best friends take inspiration from each other," she told People magazine.

Somerhalder and Reed tied the knot last year and have remained inseparable at public events. Apart from concentrating on their acting career, the couple have set-up a foundation to work towards the interest of environment and animals. Speaking to the news outlet, Graham gushed over their social work. She said: "Why I think they're so perfect is because of their philanthropy. They have the same values when it comes to people, how you treat people, how you treat animals, how you treat the world, the environment."

"I mean, they're really perfect together. I'm like, thank God you guys found each other because I don't know what you would do without each other. They're perfect," Graham added.

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old actress, who is currently filming for the final season of TVD along with Somerhalder, admitted that the cast and crew are already missing each other.

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Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed AFP / Getty Images

"We have so much fun. Just shooting the final season, it feels like the final season. We're already feeling that nostalgia, we're already missing each other," she told E! News. Vampire Diaries season 7 ended with Damon Salvatore and Enzo going on a killing spree. The next season will focus on Stefan and his promise to Elena to save his brother.

Vampire Diaries season 8 is scheduled to premiere in autumn this year.