Kate Middleton at the "Royal Carols: Together At Christmas 2023
Kate Middleton (centre) is pictured here attending her last royal engagement for 2023 at the "Royal Carols: Together At Christmas" concert on Dec. 8, prior to her abdominal surgery on Jan. 16, 2024. Photo: The Prince and Princess of Wales/X The Prince and Princess of Wales/X

Kate Middleton's prolonged absence and the lack of updates about her health has led many to speculate that there is something very serious going on. Some claimed there is trouble in her marriage to Prince William while others think there could be truth to rumours that she is in a coma.

Kensington Palace has not shared any more updates about the Princess of Wales' recovery from abdominal surgery after she was discharged from The London Clinic on Jan. 29. It is understood that she is now in Adelaide Cottage recuperating and that she wants to value her privacy and create as much normalcy for her three children as much as possible.

But her silence has only fuelled the online chatter about the real reason for her two-month absence. Her last public appearance was at last year's annual Christmas Walk to and from St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham. She was not photographed leaving the hospital, although Prince William was pictured once visiting her two days after she had surgery on Jan. 16.

One netizen admitted that while she does not want to be a conspiracy theorist, she also finds it "WILD how much the royal family has shut down press about where Kate Middleton is/why she hasn't been seen".

Another chimed in: "This extraordinary shutdown is not protecting Kate or guarding her privacy. It's protecting the institution itself. Whatever has happened to her has jeopardised the royal family and the whole idea of monarchy in an unprecedented way."

One suspected that the Princess of Wales could be on life support writing: "K is either permanently indisposed or they are waiting for the right moment to pull the plug."

Earlier this month, Spanish journalist Concha Calleja claimed that the 42-year-old had to be intubated and put in an induced coma because of serious post-operative complications. She doubled down on her claims saying her source is a reliable royal aide.

Meanwhile, another netizen blamed Prince William for his wife's absence, tweeting: "Kate is shrewd, whatever Willy has done, she using it & she's doubling down to get what she wants. I think she's holding the kids ransom as well. No photos either of him picking up from school etc? No Middleton photos??"

One more user jumped on this theory by suggesting that the Prince of Wales' solo appearance at the recent BAFTA was to "get the public to get used to seeing him without Kate". The netizen wrote: "That marriage is so over. They're phasing Kate out."

Meanwhile, there were also those who shut down the negative theories and said Kate Middleton is simply getting the privacy she needs amid her recovery. She is not expected to resume her public duties until after Easter.