Katy Perry
Katy Perry's Instagram picture of a Hindu goddess has been liked over 250,000 times Getty

Pop star Katy Perry has triggered the wrath of her Indian fans by sharing an image of the Hindu goddess Kali on her Instagram account. Many fans who commented on the post said they were not unhappy with the image itself, but were infuriated with the caption that went along with it.

The Roar hitmaker using the image to describe her "current mood" seems to have offended Hindus across the world. As Perry's controversial picture post went viral within hours, fans took to the comments section to unleash their fury.

current mood

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One Instagram user wrote, "I know u are a devotee of maa Kali.... But wtf is "current mood"???? For those who want this pic to be removed, report it."

"The picture is not wrong but the caption is," another comment read.

As the picture garnered more hits and likes — 252,388 so far — several fans demanded that the global star remove the post that seemingly disrespects their faith.

"Respect her she is our goddess of hindu u can't use it in this way , seriously u lost Respect in my eyes (sic)," a user said. "This is not the right way to express your mood, Delete this pic you," one other comment read.

Another fan provided a detailed explanation, "You do realise it can have adverse effects. She is a goddess. I suggest you remove it before the ones who get offended start retaliating. I am sure your intention is clear. Do the damage control before the damage happens."

"You're making fun of our goddess...Delete your account.

"How ridiculous this? You don't have permission to upload a picture of our goddess on this f*****g social media and embarrassing our culture."

Amid the uproar, some fans of the songstress came to her rescue and defended Perry.

"My fellow Indians she is not abusing ur religion she is just prayful...So don't get angry she is just showing her love toward our Indian culture...That's all," one fan commented.

Another added, "Wooow! Great pic . Y u all are offeneded. this is absolutely right pic (sic)."

"Come on everyone...it's nothing to get offended about..she meant she is angry and furious as the goddess in the pic. She didn't disrespect. I'm also Hindu and a proud Indian," said another fan.

Perry's association with India is an old one — she and her ex Russell Brand even got married in a traditional Indian ceremony in Rajasthan in 2010.