Transgender boxing promoter Kellie Maloney has said that she doesn't identify as a member of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual) community.

Speaking to IBTimes UK's A-List, the 62-year-old former manager of boxing champ Lennox Lewis explained that although she completed her gender transition earlier in 2015, she refuses to be branded.

"I actually don't see myself as a member of the LGBT community," she said, adding that her journey was about her gender, not her sexuality.

"L-G-B is more sexuality. I actually think that transsexual is about gender, it's about what's in your head. Until I decide on a relationship - that's if I ever decide on one - I don't know what my sexuality is. At this very moment I am very happy and content and I just want to get on with my life."

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Maloney, who was previously known as Frank, went on to claim that once you transitioned you were immediately expected to become an advocate for LGBT rights because "society likes to put people into groups."

"As far as I'm concerned I was born in the wrong body, I've always been a woman. I just medically had it corrected and as I said I'm a human being. You can label yourself what you like but I'm just a human being. If you want to be transracial, transsexual transvestites - please get on with it," said Maloney.

"At the end of the day we are all human beings. We come into the world the same way and we are all going to leave the same way, so labels are just labels."

Maloney, who candidly opens up about her transgender issues and the journey to becoming a woman in her new book Frankly Kellie, says that she is floored by "ignorant" people who claim that she did it all for publicity.

"There is a lot of sadness along the way and there is happiness as well. But it's a very big risk you take. I was prepared to lose everything to find myself and to find the happiness and contentment I need, and to stop lying to myself," the Celebrity Big Brother star said.

"I have never used my journey or my gender change as a publicity stunt, like some like to think. I just put it down to their ignorance."