Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian shared videos of her tour to her old house on Snapchat Angela Weiss/Getty

Kim Kardashian took a stroll through memory lane to show her fans the house she once owned. On Wednesday she went live on Snapchat to show fans her former Beverly Hills home where she has shot some memorable Keeping Up With The Kardashians moments.

While taking a tour of the mansion she once shared with Kris Humphries, the 36-year-old reality star stopped by the master bathroom and hinted that she had spent steamy moments there. "That shower. Don't even want to tell you what's gone on," she told her fans.

The Selfish author toured the Beverly Hills property along with sister Khloe and went nostalgic while entering the Mediterranean-style home. "Can anyone guess where I'm at? You guys, this is so nostalgic," an excited Kim told her fans. "My old house! Do you remember this?"

The social media queen sold the house after giving birth to her daughter North with then boyfriend Kanye West and recently found out that the property has been listed for sale. With the help of Million Dollar Listings' Josh Altman, she gave a full tour of her former home and reminisced about fun moments in each corner of the estate.

"They kept all my old furniture, every last piece of mine. Everything is exactly the same," she said as she moved towards the kitchen. "Do you remember the episode where Rob was sitting here eating all the food?" Kim told Khloe. "Do you guys remember cleaning out all of my shoes and they all ended up here?" the makeup entrepreneur added.

"[This] glam room was everything to me. This is where I would glam every single day. . . This is legendary," she remembered.

She later moved on to her old bedroom and master bath where she had once dropped Kourtney's son Mason. "This is my same exact bedding, you guys, and my home phones. It was no big deal, I caught him."