Kim Kardashian has revealed that there is still Bad Blood between her and Taylor Swift after she, along with husband Kanye West, became locked in a very public feud with the singer.

It all came to a head last July when Taylor, 27, blasted rapper Kanye, 39, for calling her a "b***h" in his track Famous. While Kanye claimed Taylor had given him permission for the lyric, she insisted this was not the case. This lead to Kim releasing a video of a recording between Taylor and Kanye where she did appear to give her blessing.

Taylor then took her anguish out on Kim as she continued to insist that she had never given the song the green light as she had not been aware of the full lyric content.

Swift then famously commented "I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative".

While the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star would probably sooner forget the whole thing, a fan brought it up when she made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live yesterday (May 28).

The audience member told the reality TV favourite: "I've got a question about what was the best night of my life when you exposed Taylor Swift on Snapchat. After you did that was it awkward between you and Kendall or Kendall and Taylor as she was part of her squad at the time?".

Show host Andy Cohen enthused: "That is a good question!", while Kim responded: "I don't know if Kendall was a part of her squad I don't think she was. It wasn't awkward."

Seeming to squirm regardless, she them confirmed that she had not spoken to Taylor since the row.

During the same appearance, mum-of-two Kim also confessed to "begging" her sister Khloe Kardashian to be a surrogate for her third child.

Kim, who already has daughter North, three, and one-year-old son Saint, has been told that due to previous complications during child birth that she is unlikely to be able to have another child naturally.

She remains determined to add to her brood however, explaining: "I have had to go through multiple things to try and do it on my own but I do not think that is looking good for me but I am not giving up.

"So it is a process. You kind of see the whole thing on this next season of our show, of me begging Khloe to help out, but I do not want to do that to her."

She also revealed that both her mother Kris Jenner, 61, and older sister Kourtney, 38, had offered to step in.

Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift
Kin Kardashian has revealed that she and Taylor Swift have not spoken since their very public row last summer Bravo/Getty