US President Donald Trump is possessed and might not live to complete his presidential term if he is not treated immediately, said a self-proclaimed Kurdish "healer" Mala Ali Kalak. In the past, the man has also claimed to have the powers to cure illnesses such as cancer and HIV.

In a recent interview with Rudaw, the Mosul resident said: "Trump is possessed and I need to beat him on the soles of his feet to get the jinni out of his body." He also claimed that Iraq and Syria are possessed by evil spirits.

Kalak, has offered to cure former Iraqi president Jalal Talabani, who is recovering from a brain stroke, claimed that Trump would either go insane or be killed before he finishes his first term as president if he is not cured.

"He [Trump] has lost his mind and oversteps his boundaries all the time. He needs help. Unless he is cured he will continue to act like he does now... He has become a creature that attacks everyone," Kalak reportedly said in an apparent reference to the revised Trump travel ban order and Mexico border wall decision.

Kalak lives in a small town outside Erbil en route to Mosul, where Iraqi forces are fighting against Isis militants to drive them out of the country. He believes that Iraq and Syria are also occupied by evil spirits and so are many officials.

"I keep saying it but no one is listening to me. A huge number of jinnis (evil spirits) have come to Iraq's sky. Even Lucifer himself is among them and I've heard this from the spirits themselves. Jinnis have occupied all of Iraq and Syria and the situation could only get worse," Kalak said.

"Most Iraqi MPs [members of parliament] and ministers are possessed and they have come to me and I have thrashed them. They mostly come after work hours so no one sees them. They are all possessed that is why they can't agree on anything."

He also stated that leaders of communist parties have realised his powers and are seeking his help. "A senior leader of the communist party had been married for twenty years and they couldn't have a child. I treated them and within two months they conceived. They named their boy Ali," he told Rudaw.

Nonetheless, local Kurdish health officials have been warned resident against seeking his help due to his weird prescriptions. Kalak has reportedly asked patients to drink camel urine mixed with milk or pieces of napkin and has caned them on the soles of their feet to rid them of evil spirits.

"I have cured many Iraqi government and party officials of cancer and other serious diseases, but I cannot mention their names because I promised them that," he said.

Donald Trump
Kurdish "healer" claims US President Donald Trump is possessed and will either go insane or be killed before completing his first term Brendan Smialowski/AFP