The fan who fell off the stage with Lady Gaga during her "Enigma" show in Las Vegas on Friday, Oct. 18, is clarifying reports that said he picked up the singer and caused the incident.

The fan, who goes by the Twitter handle @jackandrewx, shared his side of the story to shut down trolls and incorrect reports about what actually happened on stage. He took to Twitter to say that he "categorically did not pick Lady Gaga up." Instead, she jumped on him and he tried to lift her up, which would explain the hops he did on stage.

"When I got on the stage she jumped on me, as I was getting up and I was trying to usher her up my body kind thing and my foots [sic] slipped," the fan wrote, as quoted by Pop Crave.

Videos from the incident showed Lady Gaga hitting her back on the floor first. The fan landed on top of her. Jack revealed that he "tried to make sure" that he "took the brunt of the fall" with his leg and said that he "kinda did." He revealed that before he got up the stage, his trainers were already wet from standing on the wet floor of the standing pit.

The "A Star is Born" singer has since told everyone that she is okay after the fall, and asked them not to blame the fan. Jack even revealed that Lady Gaga herself assured him again when they met after the show that he "was not to blame," and multiple members of her team thought so too.

The fan has asked everyone to stop with all the hatred and negative comments since they are starting to affect him. He also denied accusations that he was drunk when he watched Lady Gaga's "Enigma" show.

"Keep in mind don't comment on something you have 0 clue about...people just need to stop now cause this is getting too much."

The fan has since deactivated his Twitter account after posting his explanation. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga has had an X-Ray on her body to make sure she is okay after the fall. She assured her fans that there is nothing to worry about.

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