The Legend of Zelda as TV series for Netflix? Will Link be able to save princess Zelda in the live action thriller
The Legend Of Zelda may soon become a live action TV reality The Legend Of Zelda/Facebook

The Legend Of Zelda, the highly popular video game series may soon become a television reality as there are rumours Netflix is working on a live action series based on the game.

The video streaming service is reportedly working closely with Japanese game developer Nitendo, which has developed around 20 games since the original game, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The game is immensely popular among teens and follows the story of Link, a boy who is assigned to save Princess Zelda and the imaginary fantasy world Hyrule.

According to the report, Netflix is trying to develop the series in order to compete with HBO's fantasy blockbuster Game Of Thrones but for a family audience.

The Zelda games have all the ingredients of fantasy to please its fans including Lord Of The Rings like swords and sorcery, but the story has a child-friendly tone.

In its report, WSJ mentioned Nintendo is very protective of its intellectual property and has allowed few adaptations over the years.

The video streaming company is searching for writers to work on the possible series and, according to the report, Netflix will have to do a lot of homework before bringing the series on the floor and there is a possibility of the project being shelved.

However, it will be interesting to see Link and Zelda in flesh and blood and how their journey will keep fans glued to their TV screens, especially after the announcement of The Last Of Us movie, which again will be an adaptation of the highly popular game.

Naughty Dog is yet to announce the star cast for the movie and says there is still a long way to go before bringing it to production.