Lenovo is looking to securing some market share in the US smartphone market with the launch of a US-only high-end smartphone under Moto brand. The new model is slated for launch in the mid of this year.

To strengthen its position in the US market, Lenovo is launching a "more innovative, more attractive" device in July aimed at US consumers, Lenovo chief executive, Yuanqing Yang told WSJ.

The Chinese tech firm, which acquired Motorola from Google in 2014, had announced during CES 2016 that it will be phasing out the Motorola brand around the world and changing it to Moto. Some innovative launches under Motorola brand included Moto X-Force and DROID Turbo 2.

In its latest earning report, Lenovo shared that, during the quarter, the overall smartphones shipments grew sharply by 49% to roughly 19 million, while Motorola shipped around 8 million smartphones. Motorola also contributed a considerable share of revenue $1.2bn (€1.1bn, £842mn) to the company, which touched $2.1bn (€1.93, £1.47) during this quarter.

A majority of the company's revenues come from China. Last year, Lenovo started targeting markets outside China as the US and emerging markets. Currently, the US market is the third-largest market for Lenovo accounting for more than 20% of the revenue from PC, display and mobile category.

According to Gartner report, in the second half of 2015, Lenovo had 4.7% share of the global smartphone market. The Motorola brand shipped 5.9 million units, accounting for 36.2% of the Lenovo group.