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Marnie Simpson greets Lewis Bloor after being evicted in 4th place from Celebrity Big Brother in 2016 Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Cheating reality television star Lewis Bloor has finally lifted the lid on why he was unfaithful to ex-girlfriend Marnie Simpson, claiming she "humiliated" him.

The 27-year-old former Towie star – who met Geordie Shore's Simpson on the 2016 series of Celebrity Big Brother – claims that his heartbroken former beau had been flirting with an ex-fling, prompting him to cheat.

It was previously reported that Bloor was disloyal to Simpson after being videoed in bed with another woman after meeting the stranger while queueing for a cab on Valentine's Day. He had also cheated while the couple were on holiday together in Barcelona, spending the night with a woman he had met on the beach while Simpson slept in a room nearby in the same hotel.

The distraught Geordie Shore star later took to Twitter to slam Bloor, calling him a "scumbag" to her 967k followers.

Speaking of why he did the dirty on his TV star girlfriend, Bloor told The Sun: "We'd been out in Barcelona and I couldn't sleep, Marnie was asleep in the hotel, and I'm thinking, 'F*** this, I don't wanna be in this relationship.'

"So I went down to the beach and at 5am as the sun was coming up there were a couple of girls down there who I got talking to and I ended up kissing one of them.

"We went back to their room to have a little party, we ended up kissing in bed but that was it, anything about us "almost having sex" is rubbish.

Marnie Simpson Lewis Bloor
Marnie Simpson confirms that her relationship with Lewis Bloor is over Instagram

"I woke up the next day and I thought, 'Right, I'm in Barcelona with Marnie, we do get along, we do have a good relationship so far, and everyone has history,' so just decided to continue as we were."

Proving there are two sides to every coin, Bloor went on to claim that it was Simpson's behaviour that forced him to feel insecure and cheat.

He said: "Marnie and I were getting ready to go for a night in Barcelona and suddenly her phone went off and she became really excited that this boy was in the city too.

"Later on we were out with a couple of her friends and her phone rings and it comes up, 'My Boo' with love hearts, so I was like, 'Who the f*** is this geezer ringing her?' So I say we have to go and meet him.

"We met this guy who was very good looking and I was standing there very observant, I could tell there was some kind of history as she was all over him and wouldn't stop flirting.

"As we said goodbye Marnie said she wanted to give him a hug. So I was like 'F*** this' and was absolutely fuming. We got into the cab to go back to the hotel and Marnie's mates started asking who he was and Marnie says, 'Oh me and so-and-so have always had a thing.'

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"All three of us looked at each other and then at her and said, 'Are you kidding?!'

"Marnie just really embarrassed and humiliated me on our beautiful holiday over this very, very handsome guy that she had history with.

"And I know the feelings must have been there as when we split up on New Year's Eve she spent the night snogging and partying with him," he added.

Bloor cites that his reason for being unfaithful was not out of revenge but to feel "manly" after Simpson left him jealous and humiliated.

He went on: "My logic was, 'I don't wanna forget about this relationship just yet', so I did something to feel a little more manly I suppose – how pathetic is that?

"But it's true, just because I felt like I was being mugged off. I didn't do it to spite Marnie, I did it because I felt very jealous and insecure, and that it would allow us to continue with the holiday. Crucify me all you want."

IBTimes UK has reached out to Simpson's representative for comment.