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Having leaked earlier this month, LG has officially launched the G3 Stylus ahead of the IFA 2014 trade show next week. LG

The G3 Stylus will be officially showcased at the IFA trade show in Germany next week, but ahead of the launch LG has revealed most of the specifications of its latest large-screen device.

The LG G3 Stylus will feature the same size screen as the company's G3 flagship device, but rather than the searingly sharp Quad HD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), the 5.5in display on the Stylus will have a relatively low resolution of 960 x 540 pixels, meaning the pixel density will be just 200 pixels per inch (ppi).

Add to this a below-par processor, just 1GB of RAM and only 8GB of storage and it is clear that the Stylus will not be challenging the company's G3 on the specs front. The company will be hoping a proprietary Rubberdium stylus pen, which comes with bundled productivity and entertainment apps will be enough to attract buyers.

The problem for LG is that the dominant force in the phablet market, Samsung, will also launch the latest version of its market-defining Note series at IFA.

The Galaxy Note 4 is set to feature the same size 5.7in screen seen in last year's model but the resolution will be significantly increased to 1440 x 2560 pixels, giving it a pixel density of 515ppi - just short of the LG G3's market leading 534ppi and much higher than the G3 Stylus.

LG has said the G3 Stylus will go on sale in Brazil in September with markets in Asia, Middle East, Africa, and CIS to follow.

The fact the large phone is not coming to developed markets like western Europe or the US indicates that LG is carefully picking where it will take on Samsung for a slice of the phablet market.

No pricing has been announced for the G3 Stylus yet.