LG has released an update for the G4 smartphone. LG

LG is rolling out a new update to its flagship G4 that is expected to fix the creepy touchscreen issue users have been experiencing for a while now.

Buzz Jensen, head of marketing, smartphones and wearables for LG US Mobile, has mentioned this in a tweet post while replying to a query relating to the touchscreen issue on the G4.

Folks at XDA forum have confirmed the availability of the update.

"I just received the international LG G4 H815 and I (thankfully) have no issues so far. Double-tap to wake and sleep work as expected and scrolling is smooth in the web browser," asserts forum member, Culex316.

According to the forum this is not an OTA, but an update to the LG Keyboard via LG apps. And it does not address the missed tap issues outside of the keyboard app.

If the touchscreen issue still persists for you try toggling the 'Force GPU Rendering' option found under Developer Settings. In case you are having extreme lags on your G4, disabling dual window might do some good. Other troubleshoot includes clearing apps via recent switcher, along with using Greenify to hibernate apps.

Following the global availability, the LG G4 gained quite some attention due to its unresponsive touchscreen. LG subsequently acknowledged the issue and confirmed to have been investigating the same.

Those who are yet to receive the update notification, can try out the SGS Touchscreen Booster app which appeared to be helpful for some. The app is available on Google Play Store.