Ahead of the much-anticipated launch of LG G5, the Korean company has released a new teaser that suggests shows the upcoming flagship may have an "Always-On" display . An always active screen may not be a possibility but the device certainly will have an active notification screen like the Moto X.

In the teaser, a GIF depicts a variety of smartphone screens going to sleep as the LG G5 appears with the time and date of the LG press conference displayed above a series of notification icons. This means the device will not have a ticker-like screen similar to the Samsung S6 Edge, as earlier rumours suggested.

The screen displays basic information like the time, date, and notification alerts in a black-and-white state. Reports indicate that the Samsung Galaxy S7 may also have a similar feature which the company has trademarked as "Always-on-Display".

It is not clear how LG managed to incorporate this always-on feature with a LCD screen which it traditionally uses for premium devices like the G4. An LCD screen sucks up much more power than an Amoled panel. This suggests the G5 may sport an Amoled panel, rather than an LCD one. For all we know this may just be an enhanced version of LG's Glance View which is already available on most of LG's smartphone line-up including the LG G4. The feature allows users to check for notifications without unlocking the screen of their device.

We eagerly await the 21 February launch that can lay speculation about the phone to rest.