If you're over 21 and still into catching animated creatures on your phone, why not mix it with the best thing about being an adult - legal drinking! A London bar is offering Pokémon Go players a free cocktail if they show bar staff their choice of starter pokémon.

M Victoria Street, found surprisingly on London's Victoria Street, is offering patron gamers over 21-years-old a free special cocktail depending on whether they chose squirtle, bulbasaur, charmander or pikachu as their starter pokémon. The offer runs every Friday in August 2016.

Along with the cocktails, anyone who manages to catch a pokémon in or outside the M Wine Store will receive a £25 voucher for the M Restaurant.

In the few weeks since its release, Pokémon Go has experienced a meteoric rise around the world leading to some of the craziest stories of the summer. Along with people quitting their jobs to play the game full-time, players have stumbled across dead bodies while playing and some have even lost their lives.

The game is also being used to bring attention to situations around the world - one Syrian designer used the game as a template to make images entitled 'Syria Go' showing a phone held up against a war-torn backdrop and items Syrians are hoping for.