Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and Benedict Cumberbatch were among the stars attending Burberry's fashion show on 21 September, the penultimate day of London Fashion Week.

Chinese model, Liu Wen, who has taken part in past Burberry campaigns spoke of how happy she was to be at the show, adding that confidence and being yourself is key to nailing it on the catwalk.

''Just looking very confident. This is most important I think and also for the collection you know, different designers they want a different expression for the runway. I mean just listen the music, enjoy the clothing, you know, just be yourself. This is the most important thing,'' she said.

Inside the venue area a 32 piece orchestra accompanied 80's singing sensation Alison Moyet who sang some of her hit songs, All Cried Out and Only You as models were sent down the runway. Despite it being a spring/summer collection, there was a more wintry feel to it with coats, cashmere and a darker colour palette.

But many industry insiders, including Vogue editor Anna Wintour say that fashion is now seasonless, a sentiment that Burberry CEO, Christopher Bailey also shares. ''So the collection tried to express these different worlds, you know, so you had very white fragile little lace dresses. But then you also have black cashmere coats on the runway, so it was this mash-up, said Bailey who is also the iconic brand's creative director.

Congratulating Bailey backstage was model Kate Moss and actor Benedict Cumberbatch. ''I really enjoyed it, wonderful, London class and style. Chris is a friend of mine and i'm very proud of him, and I just thought the music Alison Moyet's singing was wonderful, beautiful, '' said Cumberbatch.

But it was Moyet who received the cheers backstage. ''I don't know it's something very similar to fashion that it immediately gives an emotion, music, it's a way for someone to express themselves what they love, music has the ability like fashion to make you feel confident, or sexy or melancholic or you know, all the different emotions, so I think they kind of work together,'' said Bailey.

This wasn't the first time for the collection to be seen, it was debuted on vanishing photo app Snapchat giving fans a glimpse of the designs before it hit the catwalk.

''I mean you know last we launched on Snapchat the collection before we did the show. and again it's just that kind of merging of those worlds, you know Snapchat is it's easy, it's relaxed, it's a very creative platform. So we did it in that way, just in the studio, a couple of the girls, the guy, a phone and we shot the collection, feels much more easy, much more relaxed. And then today it's a show, we wanted to create a show,'' said Bailey.