Apart from her sensuous performance and the cheeky moments with ex-husband Sean Penn at the Raising Malawi benefit concert, Madonna has caught her fans' attention for another reason altogether. The 58-year-old singer sparked butt implants rumours on social media after a video of her twerking with Ariana Grande went viral.

In the clip from the Art Basel show, the Vogue singer matched steps with 23-year-old Grande as the two flaunted some fabulous moves, shaking their derrieres on stage. Madonna was dressed in a leotard and barely-there skirt, which led to speculations as she faced her back towards the crowd and danced.

Check out the video of Madonna and Grande dancing below:

Meanwhile, fans of the pop diva took to social media and one of them wrote: "Aren't all of Madonna's kids old enough to tell her that butt implants are a bad idea, or at least to get the ones that jiggle?" Considering the influence a star like Madonna has, another fan expressed disappointment that she tried to "fit in" with the alleged implants.

"It seriously hurts my soul to know that an icon such as Madonna went out and got butt implants to fit in with this new generation," the fan shared. "Is that Madonna?! Please tell me that's a prosthetic ass and not butt injections!" another added.

The flurry of tweets kept pouring in as fans did not hold back while slamming the songstress for her "fake" bottom. "Madonna decided at 60 years old to get her butt done. Attention and fame is so intoxicating," a tweet read, while another posed a cheeky question, "It seems like Madonna got Nicki Minajs surgeon to do her butt... Is Ariana next?"

The performance that put Madonna in the centre of the controversy was from her 2 December concert in Miami, where the singer auctioned off personal items to raise a whopping $7.5m (£5m) for the African nation. Joining her was Madonna's ex-husband Penn, who took part in the auction and entertained fans with some playful moments with the singer on-stage.