Lucifer season 2
Tom Ellis starring Lucifer airs on Fox on Mondays Lucifer/Fox

After last week's dilemma and some futile attempts at copying detective Dan, Lucifer seems to be back in action as he hunts for the stolen Azrael's sword in the upcoming episode. Apart from the search for the deadly weapon, Lucifer season 2 episode 8 titled Trip To Stabby Town will also see Mama Morningstar trying to convince the devil to return to his home, the heaven.

Fans can watch the Fox comedy live online on the official website of the network by clicking here. Alternatively, watch the episode as it airs on Fox on 14 November (Monday) at 9pm EST.

Azrael's sword came into play in episode 5, when Lucifer's brother Uriel descended on Earth with the intention to either take back their mother to hell or cause harm to detective Chloe Decker.

Unfortunately, things ended on a bloody note with the lord of hell killing his own brother to save the two people dearest to his heart.

In the upcoming episode 8, the fatal sword seems to be missing and the friendly devil links "Azrael's stolen blade to a string of violent stabbings" that has been taking place in the city.

Before anyone else finds it – especially another human life is taken with the angel's weapon – Morningstar resolves to find it with some help from Ella.

The trailer for the Monday's episode teased another cliffhanger as Lucifer finds his dead brother's grave empty. Soon after the revelation, he is seen engaging in a heated conversation with his mother, the angel of all creations. As it turns out, Charlotte might have planned more than she has revealed to her two sons so far.

"This is about Heaven. It's about going home," she tells her son to which an angry Lucifer responds, "This is my home!"

Will Lucifer's hunt take him back to heaven? Find out in the next episode, Monday on Fox.