Malaysian health authorities have come under fire for holding a contest on how to prevent homosexuality.

LGBT activists have condemned the actions of the authorities describing them as "fanning hatred and violence".

According to Reuters the ministry of health has asked people to submit video clips for categories including areas such as "gender identity disorder".

Nisha Ayub is an activist for the Seed Foundation who work with transgender people, she said: "I was shocked. This is encouraging discrimination, hatred and even violence towards the minorities.

"The health ministry should look into health issues, but now they are giving out prizes for people to post such videos. This is sending a very negative message to our society."

The health authorities described those who suffer from gender identity disorder as people who are homosexuals, transgendered or tomboys.

The health minister Subramaniam Sathasivam wasn't aware of the contest and other officials weren't able to comment.

Homoosexuality is a highly controversial subject in Malaysia. Those found to engage in gay sex can be sentenced to 20 years in prison, caning or a fine.

Guidelines released in 2012 to help spot the early signs of homosexuality suggested that boys start wearing tight, V-neck shirts, while girls with lesbian tendencies like to hang out and sleep in the company of women.