Morgan Rigby is accused of having "installed and constructed equipment" to spy on his victim. Wikimedia Commons

A Scottish man has been arrested after he allegedly placed a camera inside a shampoo bottle to record an unsuspecting victim.

Morgan Rigby is accused of having "installed and constructed equipment" in Leven, Fife, by concealing a mobile phone inside a specially-altered shampoo bottle, which he then set up beside a bath to record the woman.

Rigby, 37, of Main Street, Upper Largo, Fife, did not enter a plea during a hearing at Dundee Sheriff Court and his case will be heard later this month.

In December of last year, an AirBnB guest claimed to have discovered an IP camera that had been set up to spy on guests.

Jason Scott, an internet activist from the US, tweeted an image of the device which he had been sent by a concerned friend who found the item during a recent stay at a rental property.

In October, a holidaying couple who rented a home in Longboat Key, Florida, discovered a hidden camera concealed in their bedroom. Derek Starnes, from Indiana, noticed a tiny black hole in his room's smoke detector, and upon opening it, found it contained a video recording device. They informed police who searched the owner's property and computer hardware.

"We don't know if there are local victims, someone who may have been dating, or a companion that doesn't realize they are being videotaped," police Lt. Bob Bourque told local news outlet WFLA. "I suspect there are other victims, it's just a matter of identifying them or not."