Christopher Vogel
Christopher Vogel is accused of snapping the young dog's neck Polk County Jail

A man accused of snapping a puppy's neck after rowing with its owner about Wi-Fi access was arrested in Iowa on 19 August. Christopher Vogel, 25, had been wanted by Des Moines police for allegedly killing a dog with his bare hands the month prior.

On 6 July Vogel is reported to have arrived unannounced at the apartment of a neighbour, Larry Gray, and demanded to use his Wi-Fi.

Gray denied him access and an argument ensued, during which Vogel picked up a 12-week-old puppy belonging to Gray's girlfriend and threatened to break its neck.

Police say Vigel then took the dog – a corgi-chihuahua mix – into the hallway. Gray, who is disabled, was unable to stop him.

Vogel then allegedly snapped the tiny canine's neck, leaving it lying on the hallway floor bleeding from the nose and squealing, before running away, WHOTV reported.

"The dog had nothing to do with the argument, wasn't aggressive towards him," said Des Moines police Sgt. Ryan Doty. "I think that he did it just out of spite."

"It's sickening that somebody would take their anger about a completely unrelated topic out on a defenseless animal," he added, as reported by WCBV5.

When police arrived Voguel had fled. Animal rescue was also called to the scene to try and save the puppy but it died on the way to a veterinary facility.

"It just boggles my mind that anybody would even be able to do this type of thing," said Tom Colvin, director of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

Colvin said Iowa had to get tougher on animal abuse, citing the fact that Vogel will only be charged with misdemeanour.

"We really have to ramp up how society, how Iowans, view these types of senseless acts against animals, and start having felony charges for egregious acts against animals," he added.

Vogel was finally picked up by police after he was spotted on Saturday. He tried to flee officers on foot but was eventually caught. He has been released from Polk County Jail on Bail.