Although love conquers all, it is still rare to see a person so infatuated by the idea of a free pizza that they will literally catch hypothermia in order to get one.

That was the fate of a man in Flagstaff, Arizona, who decided the treat was worth the risk. A local business was offering a free pizza to anyone who climbed a mountain and reached the radio tower at its peak - 9,300ft above sea level.

Emboldened by the challenge, a 30-year-old man decided to climb Mount Elden – and was so overwhelmed by the thought of free food that he forgot to dress for the weather.

Wearing just shorts and a T-shirt, the man embarked upon his hike but was waylaid by a sharp drop in temperature.

A forest service lookout at the tower was alerted to a freezing man who was reported to be in trouble on the mountain covered in snow.

The ill man was taken in by the sheriff while he recovered from his pizza-inspired antics.

Coconino County Sheriff's Commander Rex Gililand said: "Regardless of what this business offers... the responsibility falls back to the individual to make good, sound decisions about what they're going to do."

The freezing temperature and snowfall on the mountain were clear signs that the hike would be dangerous, he said, adding: "It shouldn't have been a surprise."

The mountain, which covers nearly 15 square miles of surface area, with an elevation of 2,400 feet to its peak, is no mean feat to conquer.

Fortunately for the man in question, he has not been identified.