Marco Pierre White Jnr
Marco Pierre White Snr with his Big Brother star son in earlier times Instagram

Following his X-rated display with Laura Carter in the Big Brother on 18 June, Marco Pierre White Jr admits that his famous father cut him off after a £200,000 ($265,460) drink-and-drugs binge in Ibiza. The pair are apparently back on good terms, Marco – the son of British chef and celebrity restaurateur, Marco Pierre White – says he has no intention of quitting his party lifestyle as he believes his celebrity chef dad will always help him out.

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, the 21-year-old said: "He knows cutting me off doesn't stop me. I'm the sort of guy who can walk into a bar without a penny in his pocket and still come out p****d."

The male model, who has admitted that his partying days started early and he was drinking alcohol by the age of 12, before heading into counselling two years later and eventually rehab when he was 16, admitted to the paper that no matter what his parents did, Marco refused to stop his wild ways.

During one rampage, police were called after the socialite was kicked out of a hotel where he was sharing a room with 15 women. The group continued their party at another venue before also being thrown out of there. He told the paper: "The bill for the booze and the damage was massive, and he [Marco Pierre White Snr] found out. He was so angry, worse than ever. He cut off my allowance."

Marco confirmed that he and his father do not speak for months at a time if he does something particularly inappropriate – including when he got his neck tattooed. However, far from being disgusted with his son's behaviour in Big Brother, Marco said that his father found his antics "hilarious" and described him as a "funny boy".

When speaking about his bond with his famous father, he said: "He's my best friend – we've been through so much together. I've obviously pushed him to the brink sometimes, but he has always been there for me. He's always had my back."

However, it was a much different story when it came to his mother, Mati Conejero, 51, who Marco said he wanted nothing to do with after she spoke out about her concerns for her son's welfare.

Marco also confirmed he had split from his fiancee Kim Melville-Smith after cheating on her on the reality TV show. The male model admitted the pair had parted ways following a "misunderstanding" about the definition of what the "hall pass" meant while he was on the reality show.

Speaking on This Morning on 27 June, Marco Jr admitted he and Kim were "just friends" after he had sex with Laura Carter in the BB house.

He said: "The arrangement we had I was given a hall pass for BB. I was given a free pass to do anything I wanted… Maybe I did push it to far."